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All requests of incident reports for crime victims requires
verification of identity.  

Please complete the following:
Date of Birth:
Driver's License /
ID #
Purpose of Request:
Although a reason is not required, it assists us in gathering the
information for the request.
Incident Number:
(if known)
Date of Incident:
Crime Victim Incident Reports are released in accordance with South
Carolina Code Ann. §16‐3‐1510(3).

Not a crime victim?  Please call (843) 563-3643 to request information
about police records.
Per S.C. Code Ann. §16-3-1520(A): A law enforcement agency must provide a
victim, free of charge, a copy of the initial incident report.

If you are a
crime victim, as defined in §16-3-1510(1), you may request your copy
of the initial incident report by completing the following form.

Due to personal identifying information on police reports, you must pick up your
incident report at the police department.  Please bring your driver's license or ID

If unable to visit the police department, please list the reason in the comments

You will receive a phone call and/or email once the report is ready.

Police Records Request Form for Crime Victims: